Wednesday, April 06, 2005

My answers to my questions

Okay, so it's pretty quiet out there. Elle has posted her responses to these questions -- where are the rest of you?
Here are my answers (in italics) to the questions that I asked you. Still interested in your thoughts . . .

1. Why do you use blogs? What do you currently use blogs for outside of school (If you do)?
I am using blogs right now for two purposes. The first of these is that I am blogging as a way to better understand the potential for the use of this technology in the classroom. I think blogs have lots of potential for schools and learning. My understanding of this potential continues to grow and expand, both because of the blogs that I am reading, and the blogging that I am doing. I'm also using blogging as a way to better understand my teaching and how to get better. Okay, so those are both kind of school uses, but I'm doing much of the work on my own time.

2. What are some reasons why you think blogs might be useful at our school?
See above. Also, I'm hoping that we can use blogs to create a community of learning and learners that is less about the time spent in the classroom and more about the time that you devote to the learning that you want to engage in. How the school will function in that role is, well, largely up to you. Your answers to this question will guide my thinking.

3. What are some potential problems that you see with blogging at school?
I worry about student safety and a school's liability. I want y'all to be safe if we use blogs,; I also want you to be responsible. Some questions that I wonder about: What happens when a school and its teachers and students put their thinking out in public? What happens when you ask a community of young adults to act like young adults and to treat blogging with a great deal fo responsibility? Do we teach to the two or three people who will abuse blogs, or do we teach to the 97% of the school that will treat them responsibily? (Sorry -- bit of a teacher rant there -- igonre if you like.) 4. Should student blogs be made public for the world to see, or just our school community?
I think that most of what we use a blog for can be public. But I also foresee wanting a private space for the stuff that shouldn't leave our school community. The problem is that I can't figure out what kind of stuff that would be. Can you guys help me make a list? Also, why should we hide what we do in our classrooms? Or is this not about hiding?

Interested in your thoughts.


Blogger Elle said...

I think for the list you were mentioning in the final question, a Wiki would be a good idea. That way, instead of just having to update an entry in our blogs every time, we can update the wiki. That way, everyone can see it at the same time, and have the same information, instead of having to visit every single blog of the other students in teh class.

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