Monday, April 18, 2005

Class Wiki Now Up

Hey gang.
I hope your weekend was fun and productive. I thought I'd get more done this weekend than I actually did -- but I still managed to get a little work done. Mostly, I took the time to hang out with my daughter -- who's getting really, really big.
Anyway -- back to work. Some announcements:
* Elle and Moe responded to Will's kind words. Check out his response.
* Will has an essay up that really speaks to why I think blogging is so important -- give it a read here.

On to today's class. Last week, David said:
hey bud we should start having a giant list that we can all enter and add new rules and all they said was no last names and no saying the name of our school and school apropiate correct.
i think that we need to leave it open and flexable so that we can just deal with it when we start to see problems instead of makeing them so defenite and trapping ourselves in and it also allows us to be more open and have really cool stuff going on without much boundaries except the necessary ones that we have to set

He was right, so I created just such a list. It's called a wiki. We talked about them at the beginning of the course. They're webpages that anyone can edit. Go to our new wiki and check it out. Your assignment for today, in addition to posting, is to add your ideas, rules and questions to the class wiki. You're welcome to change the way the pages look, too -- as long as you do your other work FIRST.
As always, I'm eager to see your thoughts.


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