Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Storing and Hosting and Portfolioing

Nancy asks:
Do you have other places for them to store the artifacts?

The answer, thanks to some parellel thinking on our part and her's, is yes. (An "artifact", in teacher-speak, is a portfolio item -- something that documents growth or learning.) We've created a space on our wiki that is a collection of links to hosting sites that could be used to store student portfolio work. The only rules for inclusion in that space are that they are free and kid-friendly. Over the next couple of days, we're going to be playing with different kinds of portfolio entries, the goals being to find free spaces that are relatively easy to use. We'll share what we come up with.
Some questions that I want to figure out as we work on portfolios are:
  • Can we create something for free that is useful as a portfolio? (I'm realizing that I need to write and post a rationale for portfolios as I'm writing this.)
  • Is the e-portfolio easily updatable? Will students (and teachers) be able to do so without too much time spent on technology?
  • <> What permissions will we need for photos and other media online?

    There are other questions that I'm sure are important to such an exploration. What am I forgetting?


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