Thursday, April 28, 2005

Sample Hosting -- Text

I learned today how to create a PDF file and post a poem of mine to Ourmedia. Now, I can link to the poem from this blog or my portfolio blog. (I don't really like the idea of using a separate blog for my portfolio, but hey -- this is an experiment, right? Some of my students like the idea, so I'm trying it.) This represents my first real entry into portfolio territory -- I was never required to keep one as a high school student. I think, though, that if I am going to ask my students to keep one, it's only fair that I do so, too. So I'm portfolioing from now on.
Elle has been using FictionPress to host her text -- she's got a screenplay up over there (Man, do I feel a bit inadequate.).
I didn't know the site existed until she mentioned it Tuesday. One advantage of FictionPress? The moment Elle hit "send," her work was out there. Of course, that's also a potentially big disadvantage.
Check out the page on our wiki where we're listing our findings on places that will host content and other ePortfolio resources. Feel free to contribute.


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